In addition to now being able to order Exoticare products online,  you can also find us at local
Reptile Expos and Shows, where we have our own booth, and vendor our products in person.

The upcoming Reptile Shows that we will be at are as follows.
(More dates will be added as we decide what shows we will be able to attend):

The Nebraska Reptile Breeders Expo

We will be at both 2020 shows.....
the Spring show, and the Fall show.

The Nebraska Reptile Breeders Expo features 50 tables of venders with 1000's of fascinating
snakes, lizards, turtles and amphibians, books, supplies, reptile-related crafts and much more. Meet
and talk to top local Midwest breeders and experience the art of keeping reptiles. Vendors will have
a variety of boa constrictors, balls pythons, blood pythons, bearded dragons, geckos, spiders,
turtles, cornsnakes, kingsnakes, milksnakes, bullsnakes, pinesnakes, carpet pythons, chameleons,
and frozen rodents

MISSION: an enjoyable event that is dedicated to the conservation of reptiles and amphibians, the
encouragement of responsible captive propagation, and the promotion of public education and
understanding of reptiles and amphibians.

2020 show dates:
Sunday April 19th 2020
Sunday September 27th 2020

7300 Q street
Omaha, Nebraska 68127

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