We have been keeping and breeding reptiles for 25 years.
After working with endless varieties of  reptiles, we've tried every reptile substrate on the market.  
We were continuously left disappointed with the options.
We wanted to find something better....something new.

Our needs  were both straightforward and simple.
We wanted a product that could retain the proper humidity levels needed for our reptiles.
Foremost, the substrate had to be completely safe for our animals.
We wanted to use a bedding that was environmentally friendly, was fully sustainable,
was easy to clean, and was as dust-free as possible.

After conducting extensive research online,  we found a product that had been used with very
high levels of success in Hydroponics and in other gardening endeavors.
This product is 100% organic, 100% sustainable, and is environmentally friendly.
Everything we were looking for in a substrate, we found in coconut.

We evauluated different varieties and consistencies of coconut available, and found the perfect
product for our exotic animal needs. After extensive testing took place, we are now able to offer our
Exoticare Coco Coir and Coco Husk Chip bedding to the masses.
100% Organic Premium Coconut!
100% Sustainable Resource!
Environmentally Friendly!
Superior Odor Elimination!
Superior Humidity Retention!
Easy to Clean!
No Risk of Impaction!
Naturally Mold & Pest Resistant!
The BEST Choice for Healthy Exotics!
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We now offer Exotichip. This is Exoticare's own Coco Husk Chip Bedding.  
Like our original Coco Coir Bedding, Exotichip is 100 % organic and sustainable.
It is a completely natural bedding, thatoffers both superior odor control, and humidity retention.
Show your exotic pets how much you care. Only offer them the highest quality bedding.  
We proudly now offer our new  Premium Egg Incubation Medium & Super Hydrating Water Crystals.
Both of these products are superb quality, and come in various sizes, for your varying needs.

We have recently added all our products to our online store, so that you will be able to purchase
everything you need to keep your exotic pets healthy and happy.  
We are able to accept all methods of payment.  
If you live near Lincoln, Nebraska you can avoid shipping costs.
Please email us if you are wanting to place an order, but don't require shipping.
100%  Organic & 100% Sustainable premium Coconut Bedding for all your exotics.
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In addition to our Exoticare Coir Blocks and Exotichip Blocks, we are proud to now offer
Exotichip Ready Chips and Exoticare Ready Coir.
These products are ready-to-use premium organic coconut husk bedding in convenient 2 Lb bags.
These can be used as-is, straight out of the bag, or with water added.
With water added, these bags will make up to15 liters of usable coconut chip or coir bedding.   
While nearly all our competitor’s coconut husk bedding originates from India, our line of
Exoticare Organic Coconut Husk Bedding is grown in Hawaii.  
By purchasing any products under the Exoticare brand name,  you are getting a
product that is grown & manufactured here in the United States, & has not been imported.

We do want to make our customers aware that due to the processing of the blocks, some foreign material
(baleing twine) may be found throughout the coconut.  This is unavoidable & occurs in all brands of Coconut.  

We do try our very best to ensure that the blocks we sell are as free of twine as possible,
but want to make sure that our customers know that it can occur.  

Exoticare’s Ready line:  Ready Coir & Ready Chips are hand sifted & packed by us, in our facility.   
This ensures that these premium products are much cleaner & are free of the foreign materials that may be
found in blocks processed at the manufacturing plant.

Here at Exoticare, LLC we bag each product by hand.
There is no assembly line, no factory churning out our products.
This includes the bags of Ready Chips & Ready Coir, as well as the blocks of Chip & Coir Bedding that we offer.  
Each product is packaged by us, when our customers order them.
Every package insert is inserted by hand, every label is applied one at a time.
We are pleased to offer a few new products on our website.

Exoticare Isocare Isopod Substrate & Food Mix, is erfect for Isopods, Centipedes, and Millipedes.  
This product has all the nutrients your little guys need,premixed into the substrate.  
Starting an Isopod colony couldn't get any easier. Go bioactive today!

We are also please to offer some new supplements to our line of products:  
Exoticare Just Calcium,  Exoticare  Calcium & Phosphorus, and Exoticare 2-1 With D3 Added

We offer a small size container (4.5OZ filled) and a large container (1 LB filled)